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6th International industrial forum

VIII International Industrial Forum

Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building

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10 May 2016

Preparation starts

The preparations for the Ninth international industrial Forum "Reconstruction of industrial enterprises - breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine-building" and the17th "Urals industrial and economic week" get started.

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Sergey Ovchinnikov

President of World Trade Center Chelyabinsk

Dear participants of the Eighth International Industrial Forum “Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building” and the 16th International exhibition “Ural industrial and economic week”!


Once again, Chelyabinsk welcomes representatives of the leading metallurgical and machine-building enterprises from Russia and other countries. The experience of the previous meetings let us anticipate new effective business-contacts and constructive exchange of views on the key problems of heavy industry development.

Metallurgical complex in Chelyabinsk region traditionally determines the dynamics and quality of industrial growth. Also implementation of the long-term development objectives directly depends on this complex. It is obvious that industry needs modernization of companies, launching of the new technologies and attracting additional investments. The growth of workers’ and engineers’ qualification is the key direction in competitiveness rising.

The forum and exhibition are aimed to combine efforts of domestic manufacturers in building new competitive strategies, implementation of energy-efficient technologies and building an innovative development model based on the latest scientific research results.

I am sure that participation in this Forum will give Russian and foreign companies the opportunity to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, summarize existing experience, establish new business contacts and will serve to further consolidation and development of partnerships.

I would like to wish the participants and guests of the Forum effective work and success in realization of the most daring projects!

Topic forum

  • Large, medium and small business in metallurgy and machine-building – actual problems, prospects of development, world experience
  • Import substitution in metallurgy and mechanical engineering;
  • Strategy and tactic of industry modernization;
  • Peculiarities and tendencies of metallurgy and engineering industries modernization;
  • Collaboration of domestic and foreign companies in the process of reconstruction of existing metallurgical and machine-building enterprises and construction of new ones;
  • Engineering and personnel are the engines of metallurgy and engineering industries development;
  • Export operations in machine-building

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