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6th International industrial forum

VIII International Industrial Forum

Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building

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10 May 2016

Preparation starts

The preparations for the Ninth international industrial Forum "Reconstruction of industrial enterprises - breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine-building" and the17th "Urals industrial and economic week" get started.

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Heiner Röhrl

Heiner Röhrl

CEO of Primetals Technologies Austria and Member of the Primetals Technologies Board

Highly respected participants and guests

of the 8th international industrial Forum!

I’m very pleased having the possibility to greet you from the welcome page from the official Forum catalogue!

First of all let me thank from the bottom of my heart the hospitable organisor of this very important event, traditionally taking place in Chelyabinsk.

At the present time we are experiencing the most difficult period not only for the iron and steelmaking but for all industrial branches. The days of rapid economy growth have been passed and we have to adjust to more moderate expectations in the near future.

Nevertheless Russia still remains the country with the biggest population in Europe as well as the biggest exporter of raw materials and energy resources. The potential for industrial development for Russia as the biggest country in the World remains with huge capabilities.

It should be stated that Russia is not facing a crisis but a transition phase which is necessary to overcome to achieve a new level of industrial and economic maturity.

I’m sure the difficult circumstances will encourage searching of the most brilliant and cost-efficient solutions, market niches for new and in-demand products, methods of implementation of energy-saving and environmental technologies which add powerful momentum to renewal, development and prosperity.

On this occasion, I would like to express gratitude for the long-lasting and reliable cooperation to our partners and customers in the Russian Federation. I’d like to invite you having a dialogue, dynamic discussions of our mutual tasks and please share your views and ideas with us.

On behalf of Primetals Technologies Austria I would like to wish you a fruitful work at this International Industrial Forum! In these challenging days we are ready for a close partnership.

Topic forum

  • Large, medium and small business in metallurgy and machine-building – actual problems, prospects of development, world experience
  • Import substitution in metallurgy and mechanical engineering;
  • Strategy and tactic of industry modernization;
  • Peculiarities and tendencies of metallurgy and engineering industries modernization;
  • Collaboration of domestic and foreign companies in the process of reconstruction of existing metallurgical and machine-building enterprises and construction of new ones;
  • Engineering and personnel are the engines of metallurgy and engineering industries development;
  • Export operations in machine-building

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